Sunday, September 21

went clubbing twice this week. first one was on the weekend. went crazy and was jumping all over the place. we all walked home 45 minutes through the rain and took off our shoes. splashed around a bit. went to sleep on my friends couch and was still wet. 

the next one was on wednesday, stayed up till 3 and danced on the bar. got sprayed with water and went crazy again. left around 2 and took a taxi home. didn't get to bed till 4 and then went to class at 8.30. it was lovely. 

Friday, September 12

hung out with jake after class this morning. he bought these rad shoes yesterday that look vair parisian in style. with pointy toes they look quite slick. afterwards i went to utopian fiction class and then went out. chris and tomek came all the way over to the university and we had beavertails and ate at WANGS noodles. notice that the soup-a-store was named Wang's. that was the hookline of many puns as you can imagine. later went to stevens with emily and audrey. they played guitar as audrey and i layed down in a pile of pillows. it was so relaxing.  now it's 2am and i get to sleep in till the end of time... well noon tomorrow.

Monday, September 8

i watched Zeitgeist yesterday. it's a truely amazing movie, i can't even begin to explain it except go see it.  i slept in and the sun came blaring through my window around noon. everything feels so relaxed and my courses are exactly what i wanted. this feels like summer camp. 

i miss ayan. i miss our highschool locker with mouse poop.

Saturday, September 6

everything is everywhere. i've tried lucid dreaming but it hasn't worked yet. every time i realize that i'm dreaming then my mind goes off ." mission abort"! and i wake up. i've heard that rubbing your hands or your tongue in your dream makes it last longer. i'll give it a try.

classes have started but in general that's a boring topic. for utopian fiction i have to read V for Vendetta . that's so weird. comic books for english class.  soon they'll be asking us to read manga. 

took the bus to hull a couple of days ago and had some poutine. lots of gravy and lots of cheese. fucking good stuff.  last night stayed up till 3 listening to the guitar and eating ravioli.  school has never seemed so cool.